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Successfully Switch Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress With No Lost Of Your Content


Today! I will showing you steps to succesfully move your blogger blog into a wordpress blog without loosing your contents, In other words, it is right for you to move your blog for more advanced features and other related issues. this days. The system of blogging keeps growing and new thing is been explored in the world of blogging. Let me cut it there, and go straight to the points. WordPress is a self hosted blog, which means you are the owner and boss of your blog. Unlike blogger that you are not fully the owner. Unless your blog post.

Blogging platforms are flexible and allow the content archives to be exported/imported into other platforms. If you wish to upgrade your server or want to improve blogging career or your projects. This post is for you and and it is handy to follow. And will improve and rank you well on searched results.

If you have successfully created and install the wordpress blog. It is now time to transfer your blogger content into the new wordpress blog. And the moving proccess is easy.

The official wordpress open-source community is available to assist newbies in their blog issues. Also, their system has been upgraded with new and advanced feature in which you can import or transfer your files like the images, the posts, the comment feeds. From other blogging server.

This Blogger Importer plugin has been used by more than 500,000 bloggers to transfer their blogs.

In The Admin Panel Of Your New Blog. Go to Tool, And Locate The – Import page, Within the sidebar. And then click on – Blogger. You will see a pop up button link as – Install Now. And then click on the – Activate Plugin & Run Importer.

Now Click On – Authorise, to notify the author of your blogger blog that a change wants to occur on your blog.

Note – Incase any errors pop up like – Google No Longer Support OAuth 1.0, You can get this alternate Plugin Called – Blogger Importer Extended, The will give you free access into your Blogger Google Account and let you transfer anything through the – Allow Access.

The next thing you will see is a page of your blog links, blog images, blog post and the comments page. And then you click the – Import, to start the transfering process into your wordprss blog. When the importation is successful a button name – Set Author, which will appear after the importation. After clicking, it takes you to a page call – Author Mapping, which will give you options to choose and import your post to the author of your wordpress blog. Creating New User can be selected before the post.

Now choose the user you wish to assign as the poster and then click – Save Changes. Successfully, the mirgation process is completed and your blogger blog is fully imported into your wordpress blog.

In The – Settings page, A permalinks is shown in the wordpress admin panel to make your blogger visitor get directed into your new blog with the aid of the URL’s structure point into your wordpress blog.

To Activate The – Blogger To WordPress plugin made by RTcamp in your WordPress admin panel. Which automatically redirect your old blog visitors into the new blog. Now Activate And Install This Plugin. After the activation. Go into the – Tools, to access the – Blogger To WordPress redirecting and click the – Start Configuration link button. An imported list of blogger blog content will appear. Click the – Get Code, which will automatically generate a code for you to copy.

In your blogger dashboard, go to your – Template, and click on the – Edit HTML, before this process. Make sure you back up your template To copy and paste the template code into a unused empty Notepad document. The reason for this is incase of any errors that may occur when editing to avoid errors.

First, take a backup of the template by copying and pasting the existing code into an empty Notepad document. This is just in case if something goes wrong you can always paste this code back and fix the error. You can now paste the code and replace it with the current template and then click the – Save Template. To know if this process was successful, you can visit your blogger blog with one of your blog posts in your browser to see the result. It will automatically redirect you into your new wordpress blog with the same page.

Note – You Are Adviced Not To Delete Your Blogger Blog Incase Of Lose Of Your Posts Which May Affect Your Posts On The New Blog And To Also Allow Your Visitor Get Access To It.

Finally, is to Redirect Your Rss Feed And Subscribers. In The Blogger Dashboard, Go to – SettingsOther. And On The – Post Feed Redirect URL, and then Click the – Add, and enter your wordpress feed URL throught the default URL which is the – http:// And then click – Save Settings. Your Post, Comments, Your Rankings, Subscribers And Visitors Are In Good Other With No Form Of Errors. Thats All, Your Blog Is Good To Go.

Thanks For Visiting And Reading My Blog Post, keep visiting and also share our blog to your relatives for more Updates.

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