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How To Improve Your Spiritual Life


To serve God nowadays is not an easy task,but to follow
the devil is as easy as ploughing a single leave from a
tree…nowadays,people dont what to hear the words of
God… WHY? …because the devil has poisoned their thoughts with his
evil doing to the state that even in the church when
hearing the words of God you get distracted with
something else.
Lets say 100 percent of the souls going to church on daily
bases are still unclean…WHY?…because their thoughts are not pure,but then only 3 percent among them are spirit
filled…WHY?…because they abide in the commandments
of God.

NOTE: If you are reading this article and would like to change
your ways of living,for can do so by following
the below contents and descriptions attached to this
articles. This Are The Guides To Improve Your Spiritual

FREE_MIND – What do i mean?…if you are the type that is carried away
with the things of the world like for example things like
money or thinking of something else which can block you
from doing the things of God. So let your thoughts be
free and your soul will be spirit filled.

MEDITATE – meditating is another important step to take in terms of
praying to focus one’s mind for spiritual purposes or

SINGING WORSHIPS – Ahh!…this part is the most important step you should
abide on because it is the fastest way God hears the
prayers of his children…WHY?…because singing to the lord
let him knows you are greatful to him. PRAYING as we all know,pray is the key to any situation you are
facing,which may take w while to be
answered…WHY?…because God wants to see how much
you need his help. That is why its very important to

LEARN HOW TO FAST – fasting strengthens you spiritually in terms of praying
and avoiding temptations like talking or evening eating
may also distract you. While fasting,you are meant to
remain indoors or goto a safe and hidden place like a
mountain and pray to prevent you from distractions.

NOTE! The more you fast the more your strength increases and
you are meant to fast for days like 3-7days if possible.

READING THE HOLY SCRIPTURES – reading the scripts really inspires you to know more
about the word of God and his commandments to man
and it also movitates you on how to pray.

TALK_LESS – The word ”SPIRIT” is not ordinary from its word which is not meant to be joked about with. Like i always say ”EVERYTHING ON THIS EARTH HAS A KEY WHICH IS
UNLOCK THEM” back to our topic. ”TALK-LESS” is a mode that should be controlled…what do i mean?. I
meant you should less the way you talk on daily bases
that is if you are the type that talks alot in terms of
gossips and other things associated with talking.

ALWAYS FORGIVE – this is a compulsory aspect in terms of
needs…why?…because when ever you are praying for a
specific issue and you thoughts are not clear,that pray
wont be answered because there is something you kept
in your mind that is blocking ur request to be anwered…
The reason is that you had issues with someone like quarrelling or fighting over a little issue. So it blocks your
prayers from been answered….

Now, what you have to do is to walk up to that person and make peace with he/she
so that peace will reign and your prayers would be

PATIENCE – Finally, This step is more important that people loose hope
on…What do i mean? Lets say someone whom has been
asking God a favour for a long time and no answers and
he/she thinks God has forget you…which is not the right
state of thinking. Remember! ” That A Year Is Like 5month
in the sight of God” and God is testing to see how patience enough you are…thats why they say ”THE PATIENT DOG EATS THE FATEST BONE” .

I know it wont be easy.but,you just have to wait for your
time to approach you.

By following those steps and contents in this article,i
believe your life will change for good and if you not
cleared with in any part of this content or have any
questions to ask you are free to do so.

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