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DsTV Subscribers Can Now Stream Live Tv And Watch Them At No Cost On DsTV Now


With the support of Multichoice offering – DsTV Now, which enables the users and customers of DsTV to stream Live TV on selected channels anytime at no additional cost, and also catch up content anywhere.

It works on the purchased Compact Plus package and the DsTV premium Package, selected customers have the opportunity to watch or download movie series through the Online Live Channels from DsTV Catch Up.

This feature is accessible to those using supported devices like the iOS tablet, Computers, Android, Laptops and other smartphones. It can be streamed with upto 4-5 smartphones in the same account, this means your can be watch a movie or live soccers and your families is watching other channels.

You can log on to the site to watch the Live TV via – using a standard Web Browser or If you wish to download The DsTV Now App On Your Mobile Device, and if your wish to see the DStv Guide and enjoy the [Catch Up content on the download or streaming] and also want to manage your account at your own wish on the same plan.

The Live TV Streaming

The Live TV on the DsTV Now package gives you access to select and stream your favourite channel on the go. Like WildLife, Supersport.etc and also get access to your favourite entertainments, lifestyle, kids shows and movies channel to keep ones busy.

Live TV on DsTV Now lets you live stream a selection
of the best DStv channels. This includes live streaming of package-specific SuperSport channels, and access to their favourite movie and entertainment channels, documentaries and lifestyle channels, music plus and
host of kid’s specific channels to keep the little ones busy. If you wish to stream live shows or football shows. It is accessible on DsTV Now. The channels on the DsTV Now is idientified with the play icon, Which means you can stream live tv.

The DsTv Catch Up

The Catch Up on DsTV Now allow you to watch great channels available on different various channels, starting with documentaries, movies and soccer highlights.

If you miss any football matches, you can watch the live highlights, you can use the DsTV Now to watch the highlight of the match. And also other channels. You can download some movies from the mobile app using your smart phones.

The DsTv Guides

With guide of dstv now app. You can easily set up a time to access your favourite channels and not missing any live show programmes on the Dstv Now App. It also allows you to see the total guide for the previews eight days, include the recent day. You can select channels accurately or in groups to know the prefered streaming channels.

You Can Download The DsTV Now App For iPad iOS Or Your iPad Android Devices, available To Download At Any Android App Store And On iOS Devices.

Download DsTv Now App for Android


Download DsTv Now Ap for iOS

Is The DsTv Now App Available For PC?

Before, Yes! It was available on the flash based play for desktop player, But now. It has been disclosed in October 2016 by Multichoice. Which means you cant have access into the PC version, Sorry about that.

For those who wish to watch Dstv online can visit to access the channels. In other words it uses the HTML 5 video player, which was meant to be a flash player for online streaming TV channels and Catch Up.

Get Started Using The DsTV Now

You can Sign Up Or Login via – to access the page you wanted to get. And also, you can attach your Dstv Extra, Premium And Compact Smartcard to access and watch your favourite choices.

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