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Amazon Unveil An Internet browser For Low Ended Android Devices


Amazon has been the best online store to purchase and sale your products. No long stories, In recent time. Amazon has unveil a browser Called – Internet, it was works like the normal browsing app but with different features. The Amazon Internet Browser is easy and handy to use on the Android System.

This Internet Browser was made to support those using low ended android devices to browser online contents. Its like the – Google Go App in my previous post. The Internet browser from Amazon, is currently available in India, where low ended devices is well known.

After installing and open the browser on your device, you get to see amazing feature like. The lastest updated site, recent page visited, and also trending news, stories from nearby site like – Yahoo! And other related ones. It works the way other browser function but with well designed and advanced system.

Browsing is so easy on the app using incognito mode to privately check in contents. The Amazon Internet browsing App worth a download size of – 2mb. Which is good to use on android devices for easy and fast browsing.

The Features Of The Amazon Internet Browser Includes

Internet usage is handy, which means it saves to use, when using it. And you will experience zero stress of your device system space loading.

It is well program to ensure safe usage from its users. Like not asking for extra data to access other browsers. It works privately perfect.

users can privately browse with a web tab, which will not save any form of page of it without the permission of the user.

The Home Page gives you access into trending updates like – Sports Updates, News, Entertainment, Youtube Videos, Health and also Documentarys.

Note – Apart From Being Available At India, The Browser Does Not Support Every Devices, Which Means It Selective In Detecting Devices.

If You Would Like To Download The Internet Browser By Amazon. You Can Download It Via The Google Play Store, Next Is The Link – Download Amazon Internet Browser

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